Waterbodies is a platform for embodied research to learn to evolve and adapt to life with and in the water.

Kohn reminds us we are "the products of an expectation—

a highly embodied “guess” at what the future will hold." 


Following Beuys and Ranciere, we consider aesthetics as a bridge between sense-making and politics. 

Following whales and sea otters, (as well as other precursors of mammalian return to water) we plumb somatic technologies of transformation to prime us for the next step. 

Following Octopus and Deleuze, we consider distributed intelligence and ecological understandings to disrupt humanist subjectivity and established hierarchies of intelligence. 

Others are building colonies underwater. We do not wish to repeat this disastrous paradigm. We are not colonizing - we are entering humbly, as immigrants, as so many of the world's displaced are doing so already. We argue for post-anthropocentrism as a form of embodiment. We expect this might be awkward. 

Initiated by artists and waterbabies Zoe Czavda Redo and Tuuli Malla, Water Bodies seeks to assemble an ecology of practices to help fellow pioneers in the important and necessary transformation into amphibian and aquatic beings.

a lab in creative evolution